Welcome to Our Book Collecting Membership Site!

I came to the conclusion several months ago that I needed to give newsletter subscribers and visitors more information about book collecting opportunities more rapidly.  The newsletter on book-collecting-tips.com takes quite a bit of time to set up and send out.  I needed a better way to communicate.

I found that a blog site using WordPress made writing articles much easier and quicker.  And I’m able to integrate and show my rating system which will give me and my subscribers an advantage over other collectors … we can identify and buy potentially valuable books when they are published and inexpensive.

Book Ratings

One of the reasons you’ll want to subscribe and come to the site is to get the latest ratings.  You’ll find this located on the right side of the page under Book Information.  Click on Book Ratings – Oldest to Newest. This will show part of a spreadsheet with the latest 140 or so ratings … back through about April of this year. (Use the elevator button to move to the bottom of the spreadsheet). (This will be expanded to the 500 books in the data base in October.)

The higher the rating of a book the better.  I have tried to make the ratings approximate the future price of the book. There are absolutely no guarantees that a book will increase in price but there does seem to be a correlation of the ratings to their price.  I’ll have a post explaining more about the ratings in October.

Collectible Book Posts

Another feature and the most typical item you’ll find is the post or article.  The most recent ones are listed in the menu near the top of the right side of the page.  Below these are others located in various categories.

I’ll be concentrating on two of the categories:

1.  Collectible Books of the Month and

2.  Books to Consider

The Collectible Books of the Month will be what you’ve been seeing each month. I usually pick the highest rated book released in a given month as the Collectible Book of the Month and I’ll continue to do that.  But you will now see all the rated books. And if you don’t like the choice I suggest, you can pick from other highly rated books … and there have been quite a few this year as you will see.

Other Posts

What else will I be writing about?  Well, you can see samples of posts in the menu.

In addition to writing about the rated books, there will be posts about:

1.  Author signings

2.  Awards and shortlists

3.  Book Festival Information

Beginning in October, paid subscribers will see posts on:

4.  Book Selling

5. Book Reviews

6.  Antique Books

7.  E-books and their impact on book collecting

Member Posts and Comments

You can attach comments to each of the posts at any time.  Members will be able to write posts for other members to see.

I just started researching a forum where members can meet and discuss books and book selling. It may be available by late October or early November.

Have a great idea for a topic?  Let us know and we’ll add it.

Cost of the Membership Site

There will be two ways of paying for a membership.

1.) Two payments per year … $16.50 every six months ($33.00 per year) or

2.) One payment a year of $29.95.

There’ll be two buttons on the subscription page which I’ll have up on Oct 1st.  The payments will be conducted through Paypal.   If you have a Paypal account then it will be very simple to sign up.  I won’t see your credit card information.

Also, you will have the first 30 days for only 1 cent … (Paypal requires at least 1 cent to start the subscription).

So, you will have plenty of time to decide if this is for you.

If you don’t have a Paypal account and don’t want to get one, you can pay by money order or personal check. Please e-mail me at rem@collecting-books.com for details.

After you pay you’ll be e-mailed a password that will allow you into the site.

My goal is to have a site with enough benefits and interest to you that you won’t think twice about signing up.

When I started collecting books in 1998 I subscribed to Bookline for $75 a year.  There were twelve issues a year in a very nicely done newsletter.  The version I subscribed to only had mystery books.

As you’ll see we not only cover mysteries, but literary fiction, science fiction, fantasy, horror, thrillers and young adult fiction.  Even some biographies and non-fiction occasionally.  We simply don’t want to miss any book that may become valuable over time.

Thanks again for visiting.  The email for this site is rem@collecting-books.com if you have questions.


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