I joined Twitter as an experiment.  My username is rembooks.  Next to Facebook it is one of the more popular social media.  I have found it works well on my smart phone.  (I have a Motorola Atrix android phone.)  You are limited to only 140 characters in a post or “tweet” as they are called.

Many tweets also have links to web pages.  With an internet capable phone you will be able to read a web page.  I have found a browser called Boat that can resize a web page so that it is easy to see.

You can use a PC or a smart phone app (I have been using Tweetcaster as you can temporarily make tweets disappear if they get too “tweety”).  I am displaying my recent tweets above so you don’t have to join Twitter.  I have been mostly “retweeting” other tweets from other sources like Publishers Weekly.  But with this page in place I will do more tweeting of my own such as notifying you when there is a new post.

I have found Twitter to be most helpful when awards and shortlists are announced as someone will be tweeting live at the event.

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