Antique Book Appraisals

My antique book pages at have had an overwhelming response over the last year that I have added them to my site.  The requests for antique book appraisals have accelerated over this time.

A few months ago, I created this second book collecting site called Fiction Prediction.  Book collectors pay me a membership fee.  I write articles and I rate new books.

With my work on this site, I have gotten behind in my appraisals and the backlog has grown tremendously.

Have Your Book Appraised

I will start doing appraisals for a fee on this siteI plan to charge $14 for the appraisal.    You will see your appraisal posted on in the Antique Book section.

Before you pay, I will tell you that the value of about 95% of antique books can be estimated by finding similar books on, or

If you do want an appraisal, please read further.

Steps To Get An Appraisal

1.  Pay $14 through PayPal by clicking on the button below.

2. Log-in at using your e-mail address and the password you received in your e-mail you received.

3.  Click on Antique Book Form under Antique Books (you won’t see this until you have paid and logged in).

4.  Enter information on your antique book in the boxes on the form.  An asterisk means it is required information.  If you do not have the required information put in NA (not available).  If much of the information is not entered I will not be able to give a good estimate of the book’s value.

5.  Click on Submit at the bottom of the form.  You can still edit the information by clicking edit after you submit.

6.  E-mail me ( if you have problems.  Or start over with another form if you need to and tell me to ignore the previous information in the comment section.

8. Please send a picture if you are able to as I will post appraisal summaries and pictures. Attach it in an e-mail to

9. Your book appraisal will be posted under the Antique Books section on the site.

I may employ other book collectors or researchers to value the book.  But I will verify the information and edit the summary.

There are no refunds after I have begun work on your book.

At any time, I may decide to increase the price or discontinue this service.  But I will complete all submitted requests.

Please remember that I am not a professional appraiser.  I do not have the book to examine.  If you have reason to believe the book is rare and valuable, please consult a rare book specialist at

4 Comments on Antique Book Appraisals

  1. Forrest Voelker says:

    I have a pre 1900 Alice in Wonderland book pub. by McLoughlin Brothers and could not find it on Would you be able to appraise it for the $14 fee? Thanks

    • Bob Morse says:

      If you have already thoroughly searched ABE for this book it is unlikely I will improve upon your efforts. This book was first printed in 1865 and 1866. These first editions from London and New York will be the most expensive. If your book was published in 1900, I would guess the value to be no more than $50-100 unless there is something very special about it. This was a very popular book reprinted many times in the late 1800s and twentieth century.

  2. michelle says:

    hi, if we have looked online at each of those websites, and no one has the particular book, would it then be considered soemthing that we should have a rare book specialist do, or are you still able to appraise or research the book. i have a huge oversized leather book (there are actually 3 volumes) of The Works of Shakspere (spelt that way) from 1883 Knight Vol I, II, and III. Is this something you can appraise?

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