The Antiquarian by Gustavo Faveron Patriau

Billed as part mystery and part exploration of the rare-book world, this debut book has received three starred reviews.

The Antiquarian

Daniel murdered his girlfriend Juliana three years ago.  Now he invites Gustavo, a psycholinguist,  to visit him at the mental institution where he is confined for life.  Daniel begins telling Gustavo a series of dark stories which Gustavo realizes contain symbols pointing to the truth behind the death of Juliana.

“[The Antiquarian] possesses much of the unease and horror characteristic of Bolaño’s work . . . beautiful and beguiling. . . . This perfect blend of page-turning narrative and knockout prose is as good as it gets—Patriau’s book is pure pitch-black fun.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“A masterful debut in which a Peruvian literary critic and scholar crafts a metamystery that explores identity, deceit, guilt and narrative. . . . Rarely does a literary mystery work on as many levels as this.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

About the Author

Mr. Patria is the director of the Latin American Studies Program and an associate professor of Romance languages at Bowdoin College. He is the author of two books of literary theory and has edited anthologies on Roberto Bolaño and Peruvian literature.  The Antiquarian was first published in Spanish.

Collecting the Book

Finding signed first printings of the book may be difficult as I do not see the author’s web site or book stores where he is signing.  And I see no signed books on  The rating on a signed first is 79.  Buying a first printing and waiting until he signs somewhere may be the only recourse.

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