The Glass Sentence by S. E. Grove

The book came out in June so I am making it the June 2014 Collectible Book of the Month as I think it has great potential.


The Glass Sentence

Here’s why I think The Glass Sentence will be collectible:

  • it is a debut
  • has two starred reviews
  • the first of a trilogy and
  • is a young adult book
  • it’s already on the NY Times bestseller list
  • it was an Amazon Book of the Month

The Story

In the late eighteen century, time distortions have created chaos, shifting whole continents into the past or the future.  Nearly a centruy has past.  Living with her mapmaking uncle in New Occident Boston thirteen-year-old Sophia learns the magic and science of maps.

But then her uncle is kidnapped and she begins a journey with Theo, a refugee, to try to save her uncle’s life.

“Brilliant in concept, breathtaking in scale and stellar in its worldbuilding; this is a world never before seen in fiction….Wholly original and marvelous beyond compare.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review

This book  is being compared to Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy.

“Not since Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass have I seen such an original and compelling world built inside a book.”
—Megan Whalen Turner, New York Times best-selling author oA Conspiracy of Kings.

 The Author

S.E. Grove is a historian and world traveler.  Her web site can be found at S. E. Grove Books.

Collecting the Book

I do not see any signing events on Ms. Grove’s web site.  The book should be available on Amazon and at Barnes and Nobles.  I plan to visit B&N tomorrow to see if first printings are still available.  You should look as well.

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