LoneStarCon 2013 Pictures

I took a number of pictures during the LoneStarCon.  Here are some of them:


The Throne of Swords from the Game of Thrones


This is the Throne of Swords from George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series on HBO.  People took turns sitting in it.  Including Jim and I.


the Chaos Machine

Next is the Chaos Machine, a cage-like toy for kids and adults.  It had wheels and gears on one end.  The lady at the booth did not have much information about it. I was left with the impression that the inventor made it up takes it to conventions.


This is the only time I saw this guy in the cape, fortunately.


K-9 from the Dr. Who series

Here is the well-known character from the Dr. Who series, K-9.  I never did see who was operating him.  But he rolled around by himself stopping in front of women and would say “Hello, mistress” to each one.


a dalek from the Dr. Who series

You will probably recognize the robot above as a Dalek from an early Dr. Who series back in the ’70s as I remember seeing it when I was in college.  Its arms looked like a plumber’s helper and a part from a blender.  Below is a gold Dalek which is the leader and it could move and talk by remote control.


Next if the police box or Tartus as Dr. Who called it.  And the control panel for the Tartus is shown below.


Dr. Who’s Tartus



the Tartus control panel

These are very detailed replicas or else the originals from the shows.  Some Sci-fi buff may have bought them to display at the conventions.  There was no one at the displays to ask.

There was a large display of Legos in one area of the convention floor.



Including a flying saucer shown below:


Here’s a question for you:  Guy or girl?


And again: Guy or girl?


I was going to ask the “lady” in the rabbit costume to let me take “her” picture at the end of the panel.  But then I noticed “she” had large  hands and a moustache!  So I thought that maybe I don’t need “her” picture.

You’re right if you guessed both were guys.

 The Masquerade

The Masquerade was on Saturday night in the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott Rivercenter.  The Ballroom was immense and had a stage and two large screens which were necessary for most of the audience to see the participants.  The costumes were very intricate.  The participants, some who do this every year and may be actors, are on stage abouut 30 seconds parading or doing a short skit to music.  There are three or four different categories depending on age and years competing.  The next picture shows one of the categories.


categories for the Masquerade ball

I  recognized a number of the participant’s costumes but some I don’t know who they were portraying.  Let me know if you know who they are.

The children were up on stage first.

DSC_1800The little girl is obviously posing as someone she saw in a movie or picture but I don’t know who.


DSC_1803This girl has some type of weapon on her arm I think.


This looks like an anime character, I think.


children in costume

Here is a group of smaller children in costume that had fun running around the stage.


Here is the stage itself.  For most of my pictures the spotlight made the people too bright to get a good picture so most pictures will be of the screen.  On the right is Paul Cornell who was one of the Dr. Whos.

DSC_1815Here is a lady dressed like two of the children seen previously.


I don’t recognize this fellow either.


two dressed in Star Trek costumes

Finally, these are Star Trek officers with props associated with one of the shows.



a queen I did not know

Next, a queen with a staff.


People in balloon costumes.


a large cowboy

A large cowboy.


elaborate costume that started out as a Tardis

This lady had on an elaborate costume that started out as a Tardis and ended up like this.


I simply don’t know … anime foxes?


Star Trek officer

Another Star Trek officer.


Half woman, half horse

Half woman, half horse?


bizarre metallic character

This was the most bizarre character.  A large, metallic woman/robot.


A professor from the Harry Potter movies?


a lady Dr. Who

A woman Dr. Who.


Danerys, the dragon queen from The Game of Thrones

Danerys, the dragon queen in The Game of Thrones.


Another queen, but not sure which one.


flying saucer people

This was the silliest group of characters.  People in cowboy hats and flying saucers.

I did not stay around to see who won.  I was taking them a long time to do things.  But overall, I thought everything was done very professionally.  They even had a slide show of several people who had died last year who had been competing in the Masquerade for twenty or more years.


lady was posing after Masquerade ball

This lady was posing outside after the Masquerade.  She appears to have a “steampunk” costume possibly.


Leigh in a horse costume

And this is Leigh who also posed for pictures outside of the auditorium.  She said she was dressed up like “Beauregard” the horse.  But she didn’t elaborate and I don’t know who that could be.  Does anyone know?


Here is “Danerys” again in another costume the next day.


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