The Silent Oligarch by Chris Morgan Jones


This thriller debut spy novel in the style of John Le Carre is set in Russia.  Konstantin Malin appears to be an ordinary bureaucrat but he secretly has control of half of his nation’s oil industry.  Richard Lock launders money for Malin and invests it into a secret business empire.

Protagonist Benjamin Webster, investigator at a London intelligence firm, has been hired to ruin Malin.

“Compared to John Le Carré by its publisher, and acquired following “fiercely contested auctions”, Chris Morgan Jones’s debut arrives with a weight of expectations on its shoulders. But it’s clear right from the chilling, detached opening, in which a journalist is indifferently, casually murdered for asking the wrong questions in Kazakhstan, that these are going to be met.”  The Guardian

The Author

Chris Jones was born in 1971 in Bromsgrove, England and grew up in south Staffordshire.  He studied at St. Catherine’s College in Oxford and worked for 12 years at Kroll, the world’s largest investigations company.

Collecting The Book

The UK edition has a different title, An Agent of Deceit.  It was released by Mantle of London in May 2011 but signed copies are available at Goldsboro Books.

The US version will be released on January 12.  As there was an auction, I would guess the first US printing will be in the neighborhood of 50,000.  The UK first edition, being the true edition, would be the one to purchase.

The book has two starred reviews and a rating of 51.

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