Red on Red by Edward Conlon

Red on Red at a current rating of 88 is now the April Collectible Book of the Month.

It will be released on April 5.

Red on Red

Written by Harvard graduate and NYPD Officer Edward Conlon, Red on Red is his second book and first novel.  Blue Blood was a 2004 bestselling memoir Mr. Conlon wrote. (“May be the best account ever written of life behind the badge.” —Time)  The book was a National Book Critics Circle finalist.

Mr. Conlon received an advance of nearly $1 MM for the book in part due to his previous writing of a column in the New Yorker magazine.

The protagonist for the book is NYPD detective Nick Meehan.  Together with partner Esposito, they investigate an apparent suicide, a shooting and gang warfare.  The two partners are very different in their approach to cases and their work ethic.

“A big, daring, psychologically complex story—passionate and poignant, pulsating with authenticity and street smarts yet lyrical and literary—this is the cop novel for everyone who reads books.”—Joseph Wambaugh

Red on Red is often brutal and often brutally funny, reaching into the depths of human malice and rising to the level of language that all good literature should achieve.” —Colum McCann, author of Let the Great World Spin, winner of the National Book Award

Collecting the Book

I found the number of copies in the first printing and it is 50,000.  Not too large.  About the best you could expect for an author with a previous good book.  This means this book should have good collectible potential.

With a six-city tour to Boston, New York, Washington, DC, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  One place to get a signed first edition book will be The Mysterious Bookshop in New York. (800) 352-2840.  The publisher is Spiegel and Gau with a release date of April 5.

I checked and there are a few signed fine/fine firsts of Blue Blood on Alibris and ABE for those who collect memoirs or want his first book.

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