The Empty Family: Stories by Colm Toibin

Winner of the 2009 Costa Novel of the Year for Brooklyn, Colm Toibin’s most recent work is a book of nine short stories.

The Irish author was born in 1955 and studied at University College Dublin.   He lived for a few years in Barcelona and has traveled in South America and Africa.  He has been a visiting writer at both Stanford and the University of Texas.

An earlier novel, The Master, won the Impac Dublin Prize in 2004.  And in 1999, The Blackwater Lightship was shortlisted for the Booker Prize.

The Empty Family stories which take place in Ireland have been highly praised.  Comparison’s are being made to William Trevor’s short story writing.

Collecting The Book

The UK book, released last October, is the first true edition and this would be the best to collect.  The Empty Family was released in early January in the US.

The Empty Family has a good chance of being shortlisted or longlisted for an award.  The fact that it is a book of short stories means it is not eligible for the Man Booker and Costa since they require novels.  But there are other possible awards.

The book has a high rating of 62.  Mr. Toibin does travel to sign books.  Jim said he was in Dallas last year but didn’t have his books at the time.

I have two US copies of Brooklyn – one I found just recently for a few dollars.

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