We, The Drowned by Carsten Jensen

Danish author, Carsten Jensen, was born in 1952 in Marstal.  His father wanted him to become a sailor, not a writer.  In 2009, he was awarded the Olof Palme Prize.

We, The Drowned takes place in Mr. Jensen’s hometown and in a period of over 100 years, in 1848.  Described as an epic novel, it was first published in 2006 in Denmark and published more recently in the UK by Harvil Secker.  This is his first novel to be translated into English and his second translated book.

“Carsten Jensen is without doubt one of the most exciting authors in Nordic literature today. I always wait with great anticipation for his books. He is, in my opinion, unique as a story teller.” —Henning Mankell

Collecting the Book

The US publisher is Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  The book will be released on Feb. 9th.  I do not know the copies in the first printing.  As the true first edition and likely with fewer copies, UK hardcover is the best choice for collecting.  The dust jacket art looks similar on the US and UK books.

The Rating for the book is 56.

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