The Sherlockian got my attention when I first saw the title.

Obviously, it must be about the greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes. And it is.  After a Holmes expert announces that he has found Sherlock’s long-lost diary, the expert is murdered.  The game is afoot.

Doyle’s great-grandson hires Harold White, a Baker Street Irregular, to solve the murder and find the diary.

The chapters alternate between two stories set in two centuries.  The book is based on a recent death involving Holmes lost papers.

The Poisoned Pen Book Store likes this debut book.  And most importantly, they will soon have signed first editions.

I monitor Poisoned Pen’s monthly newsletter for leads on books.  They not only have mystery books in their store but also literature and sometimes science fiction.  I first found The Story of Edgar Sawtelle in their newsletter.

The Author

A graduate of Columbia University with a degree in Religious History, Graham Moore is only 28.  He grew up in Chicago and now lives in Los Angeles.  He will be signing his book at Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, Arizona on Dec. 15th at 7 PM.


The book has a rating of 45.  I don’t know the number of first printings.

Today it was No. 27 in mysteries on Amazon.

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