The Four Stages of Cruelty by Keith Hollihan

Kali Williams, a tough female prison guard, is the protagonist in this dark thriller.  Set in Ditmarsh Penitentiary, the novels title comes from a comic book called The Four Stages of Cruelty drawn by two inmates.  The prison features an old underground known as “the city” complete with intrigue, secret societies and long-forgotten history.

Author Dan Chaon says:  “This is one intense book–brutally sad and heartbreakingly brutal, and filled with precise, vivid detail that brings the world of Ditmarsh Penitentiary vividly to life. I found it impossible to put down, not only because the plot is kinetic but because of Hollihan’s deep understanding of moral and emotional complexities.”

The book is definitely not for everyone but may turn out to be a sought after collectible.  Poison Pen will have signed copies.  The book is due to be released on Dec. 7th.

The book’s rating is 51.

The Author’s Background

Mr. Hollihan is from Canada and attended the University of Alberta.  After earning a degree in Anthropology in 1990 he moved to Japan to teach English. While living in Japan, he met and then married an American artist named Rosemary Williams.  They now live in Wisconsin where his wife is a professor at St. Cloud University and have two sons.

Mr. Hollihan has been a freelance writer and ghostwriter and has authored over a dozen nonfiction business books.

The Four Stages of Cruelty is his first novel.

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