Autobiography of Mark Twain

I just went on eBay to look up some of the completed auctions for a future post I had in mind.  But I had to stop and write this post as I was simply stunned when I saw the results of a recent auction.

I almost fell off my chair when I saw that an auction that concluded early this morning sold the Autobiography of Mark Twain for $400.00!  That’s just incredible.  The book came out officially less than two weeks ago.  I plan to be at the book stores tomorrow looking at number lines if they have any of these left!

I then looked on Abebooks.  There were only two books listed at $220 and $300.  In the description of one it says the book has quickly become scarce.  I can understand why but I’m still amazed at the eBay results.

Congratulations to those who bought.  Everyone else should keep looking.  There are 75,000 copies out there.

2 Comments on Hope You Bought This One!!! – Nov. 27, 2010

  1. Robin Walsh says:

    You sure it’s not only 7500 copies?

    • Bob says:

      It almost seems that way. But I think that was a mistake. If demand is huge, 75,000 copies isn’t much.

      I just checked BN and Borders. They are both out of the book for a week and I see Amazon is temporarily out of stock. I’ll be checking the used book stores this week for it.

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