Handling The Undead by John Lindqvist

Not another zombie book!  But these are Swedish zombies.  And before this he wrote about Swedish vampires.

John Ajvide Lindqvist was born in 1968.  He grew up in Blackeberg, asuburb of Stockholm.  The 42 year old writer was previously a magician and then a stand-up comedian.

Let The Right One In first came out in 2004.  A tale about  adolescent vampires.

The US English translation is a paperback called Let Me In.  The 2009 Swedish movie won several awards.  And now a US movie called Let Me In came out on Nov. 5th.  Here is an interview.

Handling the Undead was released by St. Martin’s Press in the US on September 28th.  It is a    hardcover.  It’s rating is 39.

Let the Right One In, the 2007 Quercus hardcover is the most collectible book but is now $200+.  And probably not  easy to find.

A third book shown on ABE is Harbour, a UK Quercus published book released sometime in 2010.  Signed UK copies are available on ABE for $35-45.   I’ll be looking for an inexpensive copy, preferably signed, of one of these. With the movie release his books should become more well known in the US.  

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