Now living in South Florida, Jeff Lindsay worked in Hollywood for 12 years.  He began writing the popular Dexter series.  There are a total of 1 million copies of the first five books in print.  He’s currently working on the sixth book.

The Dexter Books

The name Dexter is in each title along with another D word.

Protagonist Dexter is a serial killer who only kills other serial killers.  But he is not a vigilante.  Dexter simply follows a code that works.

A horrible incident occurred early in his life, changing Dexter into a serial killer.

Jeff is interested in the psychological aspects of serial killers and so he consults a criminologist when researching a new book.  Serial killers have no feelings for other people – they treat them no differently than they might treat a chair.  They can go through periods of contentment but he says his publishers won’t allow this in his books.

The books are very popular in the UK. And he is treated like a rock star in Australia.  Due to laws against depicting vigilantism in Germany, Dexter books sales there are low.

Dexter on HBO

Dexter is a show on HBO (in its fifth season).  Mr. Lindsay has been thrilled with the choice of Michael Hall as Dexter (Hall was previously in Six Feet Under).  He had originally wanted Johnny Depp but actually had no choice in the choosing of the lead actor.  Mr. Lindsay said he thought the new season episodes had lost the sense of humor that was in the books.  But he apparently signed away the rights and cannot make any changes to the show.

Writing Dexter

Mr. Lindsay said the idea for Dexter came to him at an odd time.  It was before a Kiwanis Club speech he was asked to make in Miami.  As he got up to speak, he noted all the lawyers, bail bondsmen and real estate agents in the audience.  And he thought, maybe serial killers wouldn’t be so bad!

He took his time writing the first book and he had to be pushed by his wife to finish it.   His routine is  to wake at 3 AM to write, fix breakfast, get the kids to school, work out, nap after lunch and then write some more.  Other projects are calling to him, but even so he wants to write a few more Dexter books.

One mystery writer he greatly admires is John D. MacDonald (The Deep Blue Good-bye and many others).  MacDonald he says, has a distinctive voice.   He liked how he would ramble on about the problems in society.  He has often gone to Fort Lauderdale to visit the locations that Travis McGee was at in the books.

Randy Wayne White, another Florida mystery writer, is a good friend of his.  Randy will not read other mystery writers’ book – he does not want to even subconsciously steal ideas.

Collecting Dexter

Darkly Dreaming Dexter, the first book in the series is about $150-200.

His second book Dearly Devoted Dexter is more expensive at $300 to $400.

The third book is much less expensive at $50-75 … Dexter in The Dark.

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