After appearing at the Bouchercon last weekend, S. J. Rozak and Reed Farrel Coleman were at a book signing on Monday at Murder By The Book.

S. J. Rozak

Ms. Rozak was nominated for four awards for her book,  Shanghai Moon.

Unfortunately, she did not win any of the awards and was disappointed. She does have an Edgar award, two Shamus Awards, a Macavity and an Anthony.  She is definitely one of the best mystery writers working today.

Originally educated as an architect, Ms. Rozan currently lives in New York and  has written 12 mystery novels including her latest On The Line.

Her books feature two protagonists, private investigator Bill Smith and partner Lydia Chin.  She wanted to have two very different characters in her books.  And so she conducted a lot of research to be able to write about Chinese-American Lydia.

When writing the first manuscripts for her first book she couldn’t decide whether to have Bill as the narrator or Lydia so she did both.  St. Martins wanted her to alternate her next books between Bill and Lydia as narrators.  She’s done this ever since the beginning.  Later she discovered she is the only mystery writer that has ever alternated narrators.  If she knew this she may not have attempted it.  But is obviously has worked for her.

Some of her favorite authors are

  • Don Winslow
  • Laurie King
  • Raymond Chandler
  • Agatha Christie
  • Dorothy Sayers

Reed Farrell Coleman

Mr. Coleman was more fortunate than Ms. Rozak as he won the Macavity Award for his book, The Tower, coauthored by Ken Bruen.

The book was published by Busted Flush Press, previously owned by David Thompson, store manager, who passed away on Sept. 13th.  It’s unfortunate that David did not live to see this.  He was planning to be at the Bouchercon.

Mr. Coleman was the previous winner of two Shamus Awards for Soul Patch and Empty Ever After.  These are from his popular Moe Prager series.

Reed currently teaches writing at Hofstra University.  Originally a poet, he took a course in American detective writing at a local college and has hooked.


They both spend quite a bit of time on the titles of their books.  They don’t always get to use their preferred title – the editors may override them.  But a good title will help a book sell.

In Ms. Rozak’s latest book On The Line, a lot of the dialogue takes place on the telephone.  Mr. Colemans’ latest book is Innocent Monster and his next book will be Hurt Machine.  These titles will surely intrigue many potential readers.

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