This is Julie Orringer’s first novel and second book.   Her first was How To Breath Underwater an award winning  collection of short stories .  The book  is about a Hungarian Jewish family’s struggles before and during WWII.  And a love story in Paris.

The history and attention to details and great reviews should mean that the book will be nominated for at least one award in the coming months.

The book was released in May 2010 and Ms. Orringer visited a few bookstores for signings.  She was at Book Passage in San Francisco in June.

The first printing was a bit high at 75,000 copies but I noticed that it has been through at least four printings.  Signed copies may be difficult to find.  But new and used first printings should still be available in new and used bookstores.

Ms. Orringer is married and lives in Brooklyn.

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