Justin Cronin, 47,  is a Rice University creative writing professor.  His third book is The Passage, the first of three books of a vampire trilogy.  Before the manuscript was finished, there was a bidding war between publishers for the book.  Ballantine paid $3.75 MM for rights to the book.    Fox 2000 and Ridley Scott’s production company have the film rights for $1.75 mm.

The novel will be released Tuesday June 8th.  The plot is set partly in Houston where he lives.  A local Houston mystery book store, Murder By The Book will have signed copies available later in the week.

So will this book be collectible?  I have two main problems with it.

1.  There are already a lot of vampire books in the book stores.  Will this be different enough to attract the attention of readers?

2.  There are 250,000 copies in the first printing.  This is the same number as for the Da Vinci Code. Not many authors have anywhere near this many books printed in the first printing.

I suspect the book will do well.  But likely only a signed copy will have much value unless the book becomes a multi-week best seller.  I do like the fact that it is the first in a series of three books.  This will have a positive effect on The Passage‘s value particularly if the next books’ printings are much larger.  Also, there are some very good reviews of it which will help.

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