This recently released book by Aimee Bender is not her first. It is her second novel. After reading a description of the book … a nine year old girl who can “taste’ the emotions of the person who cooked the food for her … I thought it was very original and should be very collectible.

However, when I went through the rating process the book had a mediocre rating. So I looked at her book tour and for signed copies. And I came to a site where limited signed editions of the book were being offered. And they had sold out!.

It’s also No. 19 on the NY Times Bestseller lists for the week of June 11th. And it’s on the Indie Next list.

So I realized that the book does have collectible potential. I have not yet been to the book stores to check for firsts, but plan to do look this week. The book was released on June 1st. The publisher is Doubleday.

Also, I could not ascertain the number of first printings. But they are likely to be low.

This has the look of a breakout novel that could be very popular. Her site can be found here … Aimee Bender’s web site.

She’ll be touring around the country at many book stores. You can check her site to see if there’s one near you.

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